You can cook food in a pressure cooker in a variety of ways. the kinds of dishes you prepare in your pressure cooker can range from steamed veggies to soups.

Pressure Cooker Quiche

april 6

apr 5, 2010 how many quiches should i plan on serving and what are your favorite recipes? thanks. .. pressure cooker risotto - holy posted 3.
Mar 28, 2012 there's no dispute about the characteristics of an ideal quiche: it must have a tender, buttery pastry . announcing: pressure cooker perfection.
Using accessories in a pressure cooker. glassware - ramekins, custard cups, pudding basins, soufflé dishes, mini bundt pans, quiche, tart and flan pans.

Basic quiche with variations variations of basic quiche: quiche lorraine: 8 slices of crisp bacon, com : cooking, recipes and more 0.56 c.

Accessories expand the usefulness of your pressure cooker, and help maximize your investment. ideal for cooking and serving quiche or crème brûlée.

Next recipe asparagus mushroom bacon crustless quiche continue cooking until the mushrooms are tender. . perfect pressure cooker pot roast.
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